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Friday, July 9, 2021

Riphah International University Jobs 2021 (1000 Posts)

Riphah International University Jobs 2021 (1000 Posts)

This page is about Riphah International University Jobs 2021 (1000 Posts) Latest Advertisement. Riphah International University invites applications for the posts announced on a contact / permanent basis from suitable candidates for the following positions such as Professor Media Sciences, Professor Physical Therapy, Professor Islamic Studies, Associate Professor Physical Therapy, Associate Professor Pharmacology, Associate Professor Biomedical Engineering, Associate Professor Islamic Studies, associate professor english, Associate Professor Medical Laboratory Technology, Associate Professor Clinical & Professional Psychology, Associate Professor Mathematics, Assistant Professor Management Sciences, Assistant Professor Physical Therapy, Assistant Professor Speech & Language Pathology, Assistant Professor Medical Laboratory Technology, Assistant Professor Pharmacy Practice, Assistant Professor Maths & Statistics, Assistant Professor Electrical Engineering, Assistant Professor Biomedical Engineering, Assistant Professor Islamic Studies, Assistant Professor Psychology, Assistant Professor Systems Engineering, Assistant Professor Media Sciences, Assistant Professor Public Policy, Assistant Professor Prosthetic & Orthotic Sciences, Assistant Professor Human Nutrition & Dietetics, Assistant Professor Speech Language Pathology, Assistant Professor Medical Imaging Technology, Assistant Professor Biotechnology, Assistant Professor Food Science & Technology, Assistant Professor Business Management, Assistant Professor Clinical & Professional Psychology, Assistant Professor Mathematics, Assistant Professor Physics, Assistant Professor Computing & Innovation, Assistant Professor English, Senior Lecturer Physical Therapy, Senior Lecturer Clinical Physical Therapy, Senior Lecturer Speech & Language Pathology, Senior Lecturer Medical Laboratory Technology, Senior Lecturer Computing, Senior Lecturer Electrical Engineering, Senior Lecturer Psychology, Senior Lecturer Systems Engineering, Senior Lecturer Human Nutrition & Dietetics, Senior Lecturer Speech Language Pathology, Senior Lecturer Business Management, Senior Lecturer Language & Literature, Senior Lecturer Mathematics, Senior Lecturer Computing & Innovation, Senior Lecturer Islamic Studies, Lecturer Speech & Language Pathology, Lecturer Medical Laboratory Technology, Lecturer Computing, Lecturer Electrical Engineering, Lecturer Biomedical Engineering, Lecturer Islamic Studies, Lecturer English, Lecturer Psychology, Lecturer Media Sciences, Lecturer Human Nutrition & Dietetics, Lecturer Optometry & Orthoptics, Lecturer Business Management, Lecturer Language & Literature, Lecturer Mathematics, Lecturer Computing & Innovation, Lecturer Life & Living, Lecturer Management Sciences, Lecturer Physical Therapy, Junior Lecturer Management Sciences, Junior Lecturer Computing, Junior Lecturer Psychology, Research Associate Islamic Studies, Research Associate Public Policy, Research Associate Mathematics, Teaching Assistant Islamic Studies, Teaching Assistant Computing & Innovation, Lab Assistant Biomedical Engineering, Lab Assistant Human Nutrition & Dietetics, Lab Assistant Optometry & Orthoptics, Lab Assistant Medical Laboratory Technology, Program Coordinator Management Sciences, Demonstrator Physics, Demonstrator Lab Engineer. These vacancies are published in Jang Newspaper, one of the best News paper of Pakistan. This advertisement has published on 09 July 2021 and the Last Date to apply is 18 July 2021.

  • Department Riphah International University
  • Newspaper Jang Newspaper
  • Posted Date 09 July 2021
  • Last Date 18 July 2021 on Ad

Vacancies / Positions:-

  • Professor Media Sciences
  • Professor Physical Therapy
  • Professor Islamic Studies
  • Associate Professor Physical Therapy
  • Associate Professor Pharmacology
  • Associate Professor Biomedical Engineering
  • Associate Professor Islamic Studies
  • associate professor english
  • Associate Professor Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Associate Professor Clinical & Professional Psychology
  • Associate Professor Mathematics
  • Assistant Professor Management Sciences
  • Assistant Professor Physical Therapy
  • Assistant Professor Speech & Language Pathology
  • Assistant Professor Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Assistant Professor Pharmacy Practice
  • Assistant Professor Maths & Statistics
  • Assistant Professor Electrical Engineering
  • Assistant Professor Biomedical Engineering
  • Assistant Professor Islamic Studies
  • Assistant Professor Psychology
  • Assistant Professor Systems Engineering
  • Assistant Professor Media Sciences
  • Assistant Professor Public Policy
  • Assistant Professor Prosthetic & Orthotic Sciences
  • Assistant Professor Human Nutrition & Dietetics
  • Assistant Professor Speech Language Pathology
  • Assistant Professor Medical Imaging Technology
  • Assistant Professor Biotechnology
  • Assistant Professor Food Science & Technology
  • Assistant Professor Business Management
  • Assistant Professor Clinical & Professional Psychology
  • Assistant Professor Mathematics
  • Assistant Professor Physics
  • Assistant Professor Computing & Innovation
  • Assistant Professor English
  • Senior Lecturer Physical Therapy
  • Senior Lecturer Clinical Physical Therapy
  • Senior Lecturer Speech & Language Pathology
  • Senior Lecturer Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Senior Lecturer Computing
  • Senior Lecturer Electrical Engineering
  • Senior Lecturer Psychology
  • Senior Lecturer Systems Engineering
  • Senior Lecturer Human Nutrition & Dietetics
  • Senior Lecturer Speech Language Pathology
  • Senior Lecturer Business Management
  • Senior Lecturer Language & Literature
  • Senior Lecturer Mathematics
  • Senior Lecturer Computing & Innovation
  • Senior Lecturer Islamic Studies
  • Lecturer Speech & Language Pathology
  • Lecturer Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Lecturer Computing
  • Lecturer Electrical Engineering
  • Lecturer Biomedical Engineering
  • Lecturer Islamic Studies
  • Lecturer English
  • Lecturer Psychology
  • Lecturer Media Sciences
  • Lecturer Human Nutrition & Dietetics
  • Lecturer Optometry & Orthoptics
  • Lecturer Business Management
  • Lecturer Language & Literature
  • Lecturer Mathematics
  • Lecturer Computing & Innovation
  • Lecturer Life & Living
  • Lecturer Management Sciences
  • Lecturer Physical Therapy
  • Junior Lecturer Management Sciences
  • Junior Lecturer Computing
  • Junior Lecturer Psychology
  • Research Associate Islamic Studies
  • Research Associate Public Policy
  • Research Associate Mathematics
  • Teaching Assistant Islamic Studies
  • Teaching Assistant Computing & Innovation
  • Lab Assistant Biomedical Engineering
  • Lab Assistant Human Nutrition & Dietetics
  • Lab Assistant Optometry & Orthoptics
  • Lab Assistant Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Program Coordinator Management Sciences
  • Demonstrator Physics
  • Demonstrator Lab Engineer

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Riphah International University Jobs 2021 (1000 Posts)

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