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Saturday, May 16, 2020

Tiger Relief Force Starting Tiger Force New Update

Tiger Relief Force Starting Tiger Force New Update

Tiger Force volunteers provide uninterrupted food supplies to fully. Prime Minister Imran Khan's Corona Relief Tiger Force.
The one million-strong Corona Relief Tiger Force (CRTF) of volunteers will formally become operational. 
Pakistan Citizen Portal is updated and right now new features are available due to corona relief tiger force job application. in the old version.

Tiger Relief Force Starting Tiger Force New Update
Tiger Relief Force Starting Tiger Force New Update

Pakistan's 'Tiger Force' to combat coronavirus economic woes

"I registered for the Tiger Force within the first few days," she says. "I … wanted to serve my country during this crisis."

Registrations opened on March 31 for Prime Minister Imran Khan's Corona Relief Tiger Force. Within 10 days, more than 850,000 individuals had registered.

The force is part of an ambitious multi-pronged strategy by Khan's government to impose movement restrictions and shut down industries while also ensuring that Pakistan's poorest citizens – many of whom rely on daily wages to survive – continue to receive adequate supplies of food and other essentials.

According to a 2016 United Nations Development Programme study, at least 39 per cent of Pakistan's 220 million population live in multi-dimensional poverty, and Khan has repeatedly said he has delayed implementing a full economic shutdown to ensure that systems are put into place to feed those people.

Pakistan: Once used by Taliban, Swat FM 98 now fights coronavirus
Pakistan's government chose a strategy of implementing an incremental lockdown to stave off possible public panic.

In neighbouring India, by contrast, a full nationwide lockdown was announced with four hours' notice by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on March 24. India, too, has chosen to launch a relief fund targeting low-income families, with at least $850m gathered through donations from the public.

Bangladesh has extended a nationwide lockdown until May 16, with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's government releasing relief packages worth more than $1.7bn aimed at struggling farmers.

The question remains, however: When the country is locked down, how will these governments address the daily needs of their poorest citizens?
Limited capacity, expanded needs
At only 0.6 beds per thousand individuals, compared to Italy's 3.4 beds per thousand, or the UK's 2.8, Pakistan’s already frail medical system, with a paltry 3,844 ventilators for its population of 220 million, is at risk of being overwhelmed.

Potential medical constraints loom large on one end, but the financial devastation of the partial lockdown is already palpable. Pakistan has imposed varying degrees of lockdown in different provinces as the imminent threat of starvation for daily wage earners remains an ever-present threat.

"We are walking a tightrope," said PM Khan, of the elusive balance that the nation is trying to achieve in mitigating the spread of COVID-19 versus managing the potential economic devastation it could wreak on an already sputtering economy.

With the government moving to completely seal off areas with high numbers of reported cases, the delivery of food to quarantined neighbourhoods has already become a formidable challenge.

This is where the Tiger Force of volunteers is meant to step in: providing uninterrupted food supplies to fully quarantined areas, distributing aid to the impoverished and conducting widespread hygiene and health awareness campaigns.

Despite the fact that registrations are still ongoing, some local government bodies have already begun to manage relief efforts.

"We’re generally out from 11am to 8 or 9pm. We observe social distancing protocols, but it gets crowded when it's time for distribution," says Ahmed.

Risks of exclusion
Besides the volunteers, Pakistan has also launched the largest social assistance programme in its history, providing a one-time grant of Rs 12,000 ($70) to 12 million families across the country.

One of Ahmed's responsibilities at this stage is to manage registrations for that programme, which uses the infrastructure from the existing Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) - a welfare programme named after former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto - and automated data analysis to identify needy families.

PM Imran issues guidelines for Tiger force

Prime Minister Imran Khan issued guidelines to the provincial chief ministers and chief secretaries regarding the Corona Relief Tiger Force constituted to dispatch relief efforts across the country during a high-level meeting on Tuesday.

“The volunteer activities of Tiger Force should be expanded and the force should be mobilised at district, tehsil and union council levels. Besides, the volunteers could assist in Ehsaas Labour Registration Programme,” said the prime minister, issuing directives to ensure smooth coordination at the administrative level.

The attendees of the meeting included Punjab and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa chief ministers, chief secretaries and commissioners of the four provinces who participated through video link.
A weekly report regarding the activities of the force at the provincial level was presented to the prime minister during the meeting.

Hailing the efforts of the volunteers, the prime minister said, “The brave youth of Tiger Force is the asset of the country and our heroes who have spared time for the needy in a difficult time of the pandemic.”

Besides, Minister for Planning, Development and Special Initiatives Asad Umar addressed the launching ceremony of Corona Relief Tiger Force activities in the federal capital.

Tiger Force unwilling to work without ‘compensation’

Umar warned people the government would implement complete lockdown again if they failed to act in a responsible and cautious manner in the wake of Covid-19.

“People apparently take the decision of easing the lockdown casually by freely visiting markets and other places without any purpose,” said Umar during his address.

“After witnessing public rush in the markets, it seems that the virus has vanished away and the situation has become normal,” he said, adding the threat of the virus still existed and it could even aggravate if the people did not follow precautionary measures.

He said the prime minister had decided to ease the restrictions only for the sake of the poor people who were unable to earn their livelihood during the lockdown.

The minister paid special tributes to the Tiger Force who expressed their determination in supplementing the relief activities of the government.

Sharing the views of the prime minister, he said, “The PM is leading the activities against the coronavirus in the country and he wants people to play an active role in curbing the spread of the virus.”

The minister expressed satisfaction on the situation in hospitals terming it ‘under control’ and hoped it would remain the same in the future.

He urged people to prepare for Eid with the utmost responsibility to stem the spread of coronavirus in the country.

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