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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Top 6 Most beautiful places to Travel

Top 6 Most beautiful places:

I thought of having 6 best listings for the world's most beautiful places, but then I considered it and thought that I would keep it small and sweet. Then I thought of calling 6 of the most beautiful places in the world, but it was proved later and I know that people will lose their mind. So I finally decided in 6 beautiful places in the world to allow some Wiggle Room to be allowed. What do you think about these 6? They are not in a specific order.

1.Iguazu Falls, Argentina/Brazil border:

One of the most wonderful natural waterfall in the world. This waterfall exists between Brazil and Argentina. It is a chain of hundreds of waterfall nearly 3KM in extension.


2. Moraine Lake, Canada:

This moraine lake is situated in the valley of ten peaks in Banff National Park. You will forget all the worries of life after visiting this place.

3. Oia, Island of Thirassia:

Oia is one of the most beautiful picturesque villages on the beautiful island of Santorini. This is only about 11 KM from Fira, on the north of the island. You will enjoy visiting its narrow streets, traditional houses, and amazing blue-domed churches. Oia is considered as one of the most beautiful places in the world.

4.Appenzell, Switzerland:

Appenzell is the place where time has stopped, it’s a rural world. Culture and traditions are the most of the part to celebrate here. These rolling green hills full of cows is guarded by 8,200 feet Mount Santis. This is the village of our dreams and imagination of childhood. There you will find every time any wedding, celebration or concert celebration in which everyone participates.

 5. Bora Bora, French Polynesia:

This island is covered by thick jungle, surrounded by an emerald necklace of tiny sand-fringed islands. When you will reach this place you will come to know that this is the most beautiful island in the world. Here luxury and lavish nature are there to fulfill your wishes. Peoples mostly come to this place on their honeymoon, as room service is delivered by canoe. There is no place romantic and beautiful than Bora Bora.

6. Geiranger Fjord, Norway:

This fjord is about 15 KM long and wide as 1.5 KM. Where there are many fjords, Geiranger is considered the most beautiful fjord in this world. You can visit this place much beautifully by ferry. You will go through the way of rainbows and endless fog. You can also visit this place by going through Trollstigen road, built in 1936. You can also enjoy climbing and zip lining in this dreamland.

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