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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Top 5 Expensive Luxurious cars in the World with Price

Top 5 Expensive Luxurious cars in the World with Price:

5-Aston Martin Valkyrie: $2.6 million:

This car Aston Martin Valkyrie is the renovation of old Aston Martin-Red Bull. The automakers didn’t announce the exact price of the car but the industry experts predict this price of 2.6 million. It will go on sale in the next year and the company has planned to only launch the 150 units. This car has a lightweight carbon fiber chassis and 6.5 liters.


4-Ferrari LaFerrari FXX K: $2.7 million:

This car Ferrari FXX K is a track-tested technology car jam-packed and insanely powerful car. The auto company has done 50 modifications to improve the downforce of this car to 50%. Ferrari claims that it has the top speed of 35 km per hour. The horsepower as its engine output is 950. The tiers of this have sensors which notice the pressure, acceleration, longitudinal, radial, temperature and lateral.

3-Bugatti Chiron-$2.9 million:

This is one of the top tenth expensive luxurious car Bugatti Chiron $2.7 million. It is one of the fastest and expensive sports cars. The sleek design and engine of this car can easily reach 268mph.

2-Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio: $3 million:

Ferrari again in the world top most expensive cars. It was basically introduced in the memory of the deceased son of Italian design firm Pininfarina. Sergio with a tag of $3 million, Sergio is the most coveted cars out of there. Only 6 units of this car are made. It is no roof, no windshield or side window because it is based on Ferrari 458 spider. This car comes with a 4.5 liter F136F V8 engine. Horsepower of this car is 560. The most amazing part of this car is that every customer was handpicked by Ferrari itself.

1.Rolls-Royce Sweptail: $13 million:

Sweptail is the most expensive in the world till the date. This car can only seat two peoples. Its interior is made up of handcrafted leather and wood. This is like a classic designed car like other Rolls Royce models. Like almost every part used in this car is unique which tells why this company took a long period of 4 years to design this car.

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