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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Pakistani Shakirullah Death in Indian jail

Pakistani Shakirullah Death in Indian jail:

LAHORE: In response to the release of the Indian pilot from Pakistan, the Pakistani citizen, who was martyred by the violence of Hindu extremists in his Jaipur jail, handed over the death penalty to Pakistan.

In the jail of Jaffar Rajasthan in prison, Javed Hashmi, on February 20, was killed by extremists in a series of raids. Shakirullah mantra was kept in the head of a hospital in Rajasthan when the Pakistani embassy played a major role in bringing new people back to death.

Shakarullah's death was handed over to Indian authorities on the Wahaha border by Indian authorities. The victim's family was also present on the Wahaha border to take an action on this occasion.

India attacked extremism. Shakirullah's death was shattered and Javed Khaki was brought to the Attari border via a freight truck instead of an ambulance from Jaipur. Shakirullah's narrative was brought to the table with other commercial goods. Although methies are transported through ambulance around the world.

Pakistani prisoners kill Indian extremists in Indian jail

Shakharullah's brother, Shahzad, said that we have given India a long time, but India is giving us the body today. Shakirullah's mental balance was not correct, he went to see the fair near the border and went through the border with error, we found that after 16 years Shakoor Allah was in an Indian jail, his death was reached to Sialkot, where he Will be buried.

Shahidullah, fifty-five, belonged to Sialkot in Punjab, but his family moved to Karachi 30 years ago.

After the martyrdom of Shakirullah jail, security has been increased in prison in various Indian prisons and has been kept in separate barracks from ordinary prisoners. Jammu, Jabal, and Rajasthan have increased more security in prison for prisoners of prison.

Pakistani Shakirullah Death in Indian jail
Pakistani Shakirullah Death in Indian jail

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