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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Indian Pilot Abhinandan Varthaman Full History | IAF Vs PAF | India Pakistan war update

 Indian Pilot Abhinandan Varthaman Full History | IAF Vs PAF | India Pakistan war update:

Abhinandan Varthaman born on 21 June 1983 is an Indian fighter pilot and officer in the Indian Air Force who pilots a MiG-21 Bison fighter aircraft. He received widespread media recognition after he was shot down in an aerial dogfight, captured and held for three days in Pakistan during the 2019 India-Pakistan standoff.

After the announcement of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the Indian pilot was handed over to Indian officials on the Wahda border, but there was no reception at the time when there was no welcome, nor was he given any special honor when Indian Air Force officials were now present on the basis of Nandan's mind. He also gave the medical examination.

The Indian Air Force arrested pilot, Nandan was handed over to the Indian authorities on the way to the Wahda border in a tight security zone, where Wing Commander Nandan, the Indian media, showed the hero that he was going to win the country, but when he was in Wahaha border The Indian media and the Indian government's behavior seemed to be a difference between India and India, if it was seen, India was treated better with it.

The pilot was not self-relieved, nor was the necklace worn on the Indian soil, but to welcome him who came to Indian Air Force Officer, he just gave birth to Nandan's medical test.

A junior officer of the Indian Border Security Force caught the wing commander from the waist and took him inside as if he was not going to take a hero but the abusive prisoner.

 Indian Pilot Abhinandan Varthaman Full History | IAF Vs PAF | India Pakistan war update
 Indian Pilot Abhinandan Varthaman Full History | IAF Vs PAF | India Pakistan war update

It is clear that on February 27, the air force had killed two Indian planes on violating Pakistan's air boundaries, in which a museum of a plane dropped in Azad Kashmir and other occupied Kashmir. The pilot pilot pilot piloted in Pakistan's borders was arrested by the army, while the last Prime Minister Imran Khan decided to deliver Indian pilot to India to give peace.

Lahore: Indian air force arrested pilot Nandan was handed over to Indian authorities on the way to Wahaha border in a tough security zone.

Indian Embassy staff personnel were also present with the arrested Indian Pilot. On this occasion, extreme security measures were taken when security officials were deployed in various places till the Woha border from Jalo Bend.

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Indian Air Force deployed in Pakistan also left India with its pilot. Indian government canceled the ceremony of withdrawal of parade and flag on the borders and prevented Indian citizens from joining, and this function in Pakistan was routine.

The spokesperson said the Indian pilot was handed over to Airports on Vahaha border, the Indian pilot said that the Indian pilot was kept under custody under international law as a sign of peace on Prime Minister's order. Was released

LAHORE: Indian Air Force Wing Commander Abhin Niran has said that Pak Army is a professional army which has been very impressed with the behavior.

In a video statement before release, Nandan said, "I was looking for a target that during which the air force hit my plane, I myself teamed after which my plane was destroyed."

Now Nandan said that through the parachute, I fell on Pakistani soil, so I had a pistol, at that time there were people who were very high, I was very loud, I dropped pistols and ran away, a Pakistani army captain The young men who saved my life.
The Indian pilot said that the Pak Army took me to its unit, where I was transferred to the hospital after giving medical aid. Now Narin praised Pak Army's behavior and said that Pak Army is a professional army which is very impressed with the behavior I am.

Now Nandan criticized the Indian media and said that the Indian media raises little talk, raises the fire and consumes the people.

India, with a full skill and nuclear power, defends, defeats, defeats the enemy's defense, defeats the control line, arrested Indian pilot Nandan, service no. 27981, India. Have been handed over. Prime Minister Imran Khan announced the release of the Pilot pilot after the timely action of Pak Air Force fighters, Prime Minister Imran Khan while addressing the joint emergency meeting, not just peace-loving Pakistanis but also Indians seeking peace. And the entire world has also given the patience of peace.

This is a great step towards Prime Minister Pakistan's quest for peace. Today, if hatred of hate comes out of sight, it will surely be understood that for the first time, seventy years later, in the way of development and prosperity of the region's peace, it is a historical initiative of any Pakistani Prime Minister, Will be a milestone for the people. Now it is to see how India takes India's move? It will be the ability to see how Indian Indian media watch Indian spirits, Army and Jalandhar oil-fake Indian media, like the devastating war in Pakistan's peace process.

But the fact is that the civil and military leadership of Pakistan does not want war in the region despite all kinds of combat skills. As many times Pakistan has clarified on every forum that it wants to resolve all kinds of issues only in the region including Kashmir, and only to negotiate; while Pakistan's peace talks and negotiation offer not to India, Pakistan's weaknesses understood. On the contrary, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the ruler of dreaming of setting up a panchayat in the region and region that wants to gain its personal and political interests by sacrificing the region's tension.

After the arrest of the Indian pilot after the Pak Army's hands, where Bollywood actors began to sabotage their pilots, now they have now shown their times again after the Nandan return.

In response to India's insistence, the Pak Army had not only missed the Indian Air Force's two-day offensive, but the Indian pilot caught Nandan. Now after the capture of Nandan, all the passion of the Indian actors who had been shouting the war were sitting like foam and they started giving decades to return safely to their pilots.

After being handed over to Pakistan by the passionate affair, on the last day, Nandan was handed over to the Indian authorities, Bollywood actors once again started preparing their times and started making her hero and loser pilot hero.

Shahrukh Khan, the actor who went to the name of Bollywood King, remained silent on this situation, said suddenly and spoke on his return to his and, saying that there is no better sense of going home, home means love, hope And now, your grandparents have strengthened us now.

However, Shahrukh Khan forgot that his pilot is not winning the war but not going to win the war, but he is not a hero, because, in the welcome of 'hero' on the previous day, nobody has spoiled Nanny's necklace nor did he spare it. While Sylvet, now with the Nandan's behavior, it was apparent that he was going to take captive to a hero who was not extravagant.

Dutt Shilpa Shetty also welcomed the Instagram capitalist homecoming Nandan's homecoming and called him a real hero, but Shilpa Bukhoo knows that now Nandan is not a hero, but after badly failing in his mission, Pakistan has handed over to India. So, Shilpa Shetty closed the option of comment on her post so that people could not get them lightly.

Actor Ranveer Singh now declared Nandan impressive for the people whose steps are taken on the footsteps. A Pakistani user showed reality to Runner and said that a pilot who failed his mission and arrested by the Pak Army, was such a person impressed for you? What a joke

Indian captain Virat Kohli blew a lot of hypocrisy and said his true pilot to the real hero and said, "I accept your head in front of you." In response, a user named Arfa Khan said '' Most Hero Imran Khan '' who has sent back to your pilot. When some people said that weird people are very shy, who are extravagant of the whole world, who are extravagant of India.

However, there are some people in Bollywood who still appreciate Imran Khan's move to release Nandan. Bollywood star My Chopra wrote on Twitter Imran Khan's honor has increased in my heart, thanks to Imran Khan's thanks to that he just returned to Nandan and set an example for the people who want peace.

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