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Friday, March 1, 2019

India vs Pakistan War 2019 | Both Losing the Forever War | India Pakistan Defence news

As long as the parties know that more and more we have weapons, the more and the more weighing arms are with our opponent, then the next war is unlikely. "These words are anonymous Edward Taylor, During the Cold War, while speaking on the possible war in the US and the Soviet Union. But is this opinion still valid? Will war in Pakistan and India? And what if there is war, what will happen to the region and the whole world?

Pravamas attack, India's stupid and fake surgical strikes, with a line of control over India with a line of control overnight, once again, Pakistan's military action and destruction of two Indian fighter aircraft, Indian pilot arrested, Indian media Indian claims of collapse of Pakistani fighter aircraft and DG ISPR, on behalf of the National Command Authority's Special Meeting, Prime Minister Imran Khan address the nation, on social media (from both sides) post-war emotions ... Conditions are apparently pointing out that the war between the two countries should be spoiled.

But it is clear that this is only one possibility; and hopefully, both countries will give proof of understanding. After at least the DG ISPR's fresh press conference, it is estimated that Pakistan will not initiate any such potential war. However, perhaps there is possession of warfighters on Indian channels that are constantly accustoming to attacking India on Pakistan.
It is assumed that the Indo-Pak war is spoiled. Keeping our tradition, India will first target the urban population of Pakistan. In the event of intensifying the war, both countries can use their last resort, i.e. atom bombs. If this is done, (if possible) there will be a total of 2.5 million deaths in both the countries. It does not include nuclear disorders and disaster disasters due to nuclear radiation that will affect many more and more people than the number mentioned. Whether India won or lost the war, it would have to suffer more harm in both cases, because its population is six times more than Pakistan, whereas the cities are even more populated.

But the matter will not just be here.

If there is a war between Pakistan and India, it will not be a war between only two countries, but certainly, the point of view of the Third World War will be. If we look at the continent of Asia, then it seems that there are borders of three countries that are also equipped with Atom bombs: India, China, and Pakistan. In the context of the current situation, it will be very difficult to not come in the middle of China. As usual, this time, America will also support India and will try our best to weaken Pakistan from various issues. For this purpose, he will also help with the help of his ally in the Middle East. Both Iran and Afghanistan will be supportive of India and pressure from all sides will help India to eradicate Pakistan from the page.

There is a lot of China's investment on the One-belt One-Road (Already Belt and Road) project, and in a strategic way, Pakistan is unmatched for it. It will be impossible to prevent himself from being confused in this matter ... he will also join this war, and then we may face a war that transfers on incredible global destruction. It is not necessary that the whole world can end, but this destruction cannot be imagined at present.

But it may also be that there is no war between Pakistan and India, and the current situation is something else.

Everyone is aware of the level of mental and psychological thinking of the Modi government. Muslims, the murderer of Gujarat, is just brave as long as it faces weaknesses. Its thought is that the terrorists of BJP and Cheese: Look weak and alone, surround the crowds and hit again. But if you turn around, and Kara answered, then sit quietly ... but run away.

The Chancellor philosophy, which is also the political dynasty of India, along with many other tricks and flies, also teaches 'Runaway' in the form of a strong contender.

It means that India's battlefield is almost impossible after today's action of the Pak Army. And as far as Pakistan is concerned, then from the prime minister to the military commander of the Pak Army, everybody is doing the same thing repeatedly: war is not a solution to any problem, let's negotiate mutual disputes and issues.

Memosh Bukhari, In May 1998, India made nuclear explosions for the second time (India had its first nuclear explosion in 1974). The clouds of war battle over the region. India's military and political leadership started poisoning against Pakistan and threatened to eradicate Pakistan from the page. It was reported that the Israeli airline fighter aircraft, standing on the Srinagar airport, will fly at any time and after destroying Muzaffarabad (Azad Kashmir), will destroy Islamabad.

But on May 28, 1998, Pakistan made a nuclear bomb. After this Indian behavior changed such as peace beings in this world. The Israeli Air Force fighters came from where they came from.

It means that to warn India in "field action", giving warranty to it is also compulsion of Pakistan, or it seems to be outside of you for some time.

Yes! It was so that the Modi government got the new "defense" (defendant) to win the election. Now its candidates will easily withdraw their voters' attention from the local problems and lead to border tensions, will win elections based on hatred from Pakistan, and again on the "Secular India", the BJP and it's As the government of extremist Hindus will be established ... and that is what they want!

So my dear readers! It is a request that I am not worried. It will be Dharma on someday, and it will be shattered after the elections in India. It is better to stop socializing each other from social media and to understand something, prove proof of conduct or otherwise, be prepared for a disaster, which will forget till unemployment and disease.

 India vs Pakistan War 2019 | Both Losing the Forever War | India Pakistan Defence news
 India vs Pakistan War 2019 | Both Losing the Forever War | India Pakistan Defence news
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