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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Qatar work visa

Qatar work visa

Qatar work visa

Qatar is famous all over the world for huge oil exporting country to other region of the world. Qatar is included in the list of most financially stable countries because of oil revenue. Moreover, this country has other natural resources in the form of natural gas, which is also exported to other countries of the world. Qatar has large number of oil refineries, oil wells, oil exploring sites, oil extracting companies, construction companies and other industries those requires overseas employees. This country usually inducts experienced skilled individuals, but some time raw handed workers also employed. Qatar foreign workers contribute in the national economy enhancement through their skills and expertise. Qatar attracts thousands of workers from all over the world because of lowest unemployment rate in the world. Qatar offers various jobs opportunity in different categories. This country also offers handsome salary package because in Qatar there is the highest salaries of the employees. Here, in Qatar there is another attraction of the employees is free tax salaries.

Procedure for Qatar work visa
The employee from Gulf Cooperation Countries like Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Abu Dhabi not needed visa to visit or work. In case if an employee is from other than these countries requires relevant work visa. The work visa or employee permit must be released from company, individual sponsor or employer, but all work visas are sanctions from Ministry of Interior in Qatar. There are two major types of work visa are available like temporary work entry visa and permanent long-term visa. These two categories of work visas are arranged by the employer on the behalf of the worker.

Temporary works entry visa for Qatar.
This work visa for Qatar is designed for employees sponsored by the national of this country, but it must be sanction by the Qatar Immigration Department prior to entry of the workers in this country. This temporary works visa process is complicated and time taking, but if it is sanction, then it is valid for one year that can be renewed each year.

Permanent long term visa for Qatar.
This Permanent visa is also called residency visa, which is needed for those employees want long-term employment in this country. The employer or Qatar company arrange long-term work visa after acceptance job offer from employee. However, temporary or permanent work visas are completed in Ministry of Interior of Qatar. These works visas take different processing or completion time, which is depending upon employer or nature of work visa. However, normally it takes four to eight weeks, but temporary visa process completed within two weeks.

Permanent long-term visa validity.
The permanent long-term work visa for Qatar is valid for three years. This work visa is for those employees who have long-term employment agreement with employer or company in Qatar. In case if the employee wants to leave this country, then officially he requires an exit visa, but it is not required for employee family members.

Qatar temporary and permanent entry visa requirements.
Both temporary and long-term work visas are in operation in Qatar. However, the duration of these work visas are different, but the required documents are about same for these work visas. The followings are some fundamental documents required for these work visas and each employee or applicant must provide these required papers for visa procedure.
  1. 1. Valid passport of the applicant which contains at least six month validity.
  2. 2. Attested copies of all academic documents or other professional certification.
  3. 3. Recent color passport sized photographs of the applicant.
  4. 4. Employment contract copy from employer or company.
  5. 5. Medical fitness certificate from the recognized and recommended hospital.

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