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Friday, January 18, 2019

How To Earn Money From Youtube in 2019 | 3 Easy Steps

How To Earn Money From Youtube in 2019 | 9 Easy Steps to Earn Money on YouTube in 2019:

Assalam o Alaikum Everyone. Today I will tell you how you can earn money from YouTube in 2019. In this article, I'll tell you what things you need to work on YouTube and what kind of software you can do with video editing. First I tell you I do not need money to work on YouTube, you can start working on YouTube absolutely free. I will tell you 9 steps that you can start working on YouTube by following and you can earn good money from YouTube.Education does not need to work on YouTube no age is required.

You can use all the software free to work on YouTube and can easily edit your video through free software. If you also learn how to work on YouTube and make a video, you can earn $ 1000 a month from Youtube. YouTube has become the world's most searched network. Millions of people watch video on YouTube.On YouTube, you can earn money through Google Adsense, plus freelance, affiliate market can be earned by YouTube in 2019. Millions of people earn money on YouTube You can also earn money from this video.

The way to work up to YouTube is that you have created your video and it has been uploaded to YouTube and is a simple way. Making videos and uploading videos to YouTube is very easy There is no difficult task, both boys and girls can do this. You can learn anything on YouTube that makes the video up on what you're interested in.

Step No.1 

It is very important for you to have a Gmail account to work on YouTube, otherwise, you will not be able to create your account on YouTube.

Step No.2

Connect your Gmail account to YouTube and create your channel

Step No.3

You must have a mobile phone from which you created your video and upload these videos to YouTube.You can upload any video on YouTube.The more you upload the video, the more you will be.

Free Video Editing Softwares:

I tell you the name of a video editing software that is free, you can use them

1) Filmora
2) Movavi

With both of this software, you can adjust any video and it's very easy to operate. It's a very easy software.95% of people use both of this software to video on YouTube.You can also edit the video on your mobile phone.

To 18 YouTube Channel Ideas:

  1. Vlogging
  2. Unboxing
  3. Reviews
  4. Video Gaming
  5. Tutorials
  6. Education
  7. Cooking
  8. Traveling
  9. Comedy
  10. Lifestyle Advice
  11. Animation
  12. Current News
  13. Makeup
  14. A Challenge Video
  15. Sports
  16. Post Cutscenes
  17. Math Tutorials

Top 5 Apps For YouTube Thumbnail Editing:

  • iMovie
  • Pixlr
  • InstaCollage
  • BeFunky
  • RD Magic

If you have any questions, you can make an appointment with this article and if you like my article, Plz should express your opinion. I will circumcise that you start working on YouTube today and you will be successful soon. You must work hard to start working on YouTube, you will have to work hard at the beginning, then you will be able to earn a lot of money.

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