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Friday, November 30, 2018

HEC Hungarian Scholarship 2018-19 For Pakistani Students

HEC Hungarian Scholarship 2018-19 For Pakistani Students

HEC Hungarian Scholarship 2018-19:

The scholarship is  for  Bachelors & Masters and  PhD  studies in  various  subjects  selected by Hungaricum  Government under HESEP.


Who can Apply:

Both male and female apply in this scholarships.

Degree Programs:

Undergraduate & Bachelor’s Studies
Graduate & Masters Studies 
Doctoral & PhD  Studies

Major Disciplines identified in MOU and approved PC-1:

  • Agriculture
  • Engineering & Technology
  • Biological  Sciences
  • Arts &  Humanities
  • Medical  Sciences
  • Physical  Sciences
  • Engineering & Technology
  • Physical Sciences

Specific Disciplines divided against  each degree program:

  1. Agricultural  EconomicsVet Medicine (DVM)
  2. Electronic  EngineeringChemical Engineering
  3. Civil  Engineering
  4. Computer  Engineering
  5. Electrical  Engineering
  6. Environmental  Engineering
  7. Computer  and Information Sciences
  8. Biological  Engineering
  9. Agricultural  Engineering
  10. Industrial  Product Design
  11. Sports  Engineering/Biomechanics
  12. Technical  Management
  13. Bio Sciences
  14. Physical  Education Sports Sciences
  15. Food Science & Technology Pharmaceuticals Sciences
  16. Nursing
  17. Earth Sciences
  18. Transport Engineering Electronic Engineering
  19. Civil Engineering
  20. Computer Engineering
  21. Electrical Engineering
  22. Energy & Environmental Engineering
  23. Environmental Engineering
  24. Computer and  Information  Sciences
  25. Mechanical Engineering
  26. Sports Engineering/Bio mechanics
  27. Emergency & Disaster Technologies
  28. Artificial Intelligence
  29. Internet of Things
  30. Transport Engineering
  31. Electrical Power
  32. Energy Technologies
  33. Civil Engineering
  34. Environmental Sciences
  35. Climate Engineering
  36. Material Science and  Technology
  37. Rural Development Engineering
  38. Sports Engineering/Bio mechanics
  39. Sport Management
  40. Food Science & Technology
  41. Earth Science
  42. Media Studies
  43. Anthropology
  44. Psychology
  45. Law & Political Science
  46. Public Administration
  47. International Relations

How to Apply For HEC Hungarian Scholarship 2018-19?

1) All Candidates should have to apply online at HEC website: eportal.hec.gov.pk/arl. Attach deposite slip of Rs. 300  through HEC online Account No. 17427900133401 in HBL- Sector H-9- Islamabad. All payments  made to  HEC  have to be  through  HBL  online  facility  available  across  all HBL Banks.

2) All candidates should have to get its printed copy to be signed and stamped by employer for the records.

3) All Candidates after applying online candidates should have to get its printed copies for the record.

Deadline: Last Date is 31-Dec-2018

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